Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shapin´ A Century

Many people seem to think that just because Ornette Coleman is known as the father of free jazz, his music has to be unlistenable skronk. But although his teeth are sharp enough, Ornette doesn´t bite. Just check out these two choice cuts from his landmark ´59 albums The Shape Of Jazz To Come and Change Of The Century to see what I mean.

Ornette Coleman - Congeniality MP3
Ornette Coleman - Ramblin´ MP3


Mr Fab said...

Whoah, at around 4:40 of "Ramblin" you can hear where Ian Dury got the melody for "Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll"!

Ramone666 said...

It´s true! Good find, Mr Fab.

frankenslade said...

This is my favorite Coleman album. Except for his "free-est" albums, I've always found Coleman's music tuneful. Even Dancing With Your Head has a strong melodic hook.

Mr. Fab makes a great discovery re: "Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n Roll"!