Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Could Be Time

Our fave Jersey jammers release their second album of the year, comprised of only two long songs this time. One is a mellow beauty evoking prime Dead, the other a mini symphony of kraut-influenced trancerock. The latter, the title track, starts with a saxophone played by the dad of one of the Peoples, and they build things up nice and slow, taking a glorious ten minutes before their trademark guitars actually kick in. Really different, really good. Here's the single edit, but trust me, you really need to put the complete 32 minute monster in your pipe.

Garcia Peoples - One Step Behind (single edit)

Monday, October 28, 2019

Is There Gold?

Just my luck: got tickets for a Mark Lanegan gig tonight - been a while: last time I saw him he was still fronting the mighty Screaming Trees - and I just found out his new album is not to my taste at all. That trademark bariton sounds fine as always of course, but the songs on Somebody's Knocking are rather  throwaway and these eighties-sounding synths and booming drums don't help much either. Where recent albums like the ones made with Duke Garwood were electronica-heavy as well, that was subtly done. Here he hits you over the head with it. Oh well.

Mark Lanegan Band - Night Flight To Kabul

Let's keep an open mind and see what happens onstage at Sala Apolo later on. All I know is I prefer him sounding like this:

Mark Lanegan - The River Rise
Mark Lanegan - No Contestar
Mark Lanegan - Halcyon Daze

Friday, October 25, 2019

Like A Dream

Got some new flamenco for you this sunny Friday. Alfonso Carpio Fernandez, better known as Mijita, is part of one of the great flamenco dynasties of Jerez de la Frontera. And with a little help from the usual local suspects on guitar, he lives up to the high standard set by his forefathers. Nothing too heavy mind, but El Palacio De Cristal is an easy going, airy album. Brings back that summer feeling, too.

Alfonso Carpio Fernandez 'Mijita' - A Mi Me Falta Aire

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Close Your Eyes

An offer that you might refuse? This new box set aims for a re-discovery of the Mats' much maligned Don't Tell A Soul album, which loses its eighties pop sound a bit in a new mix by original producer Matt Wallace. Interesting to say the least. As a bonus, you get a not that stellar earlier session with Tony Berg at the helm, and a blistering Milwaukee live gig. Hop a ride why don't you.

Replacements - Talent Show (Matt Wallace mix)

Monday, October 21, 2019

Watch Me Cry

Just got the sad news that Nick Tosches passed away yesterday. The New York author, one of the so-called Noise Boys together with Richard Meltzer and Lester Bangs, was 69. He was the writer of many inspired novels, music books, and biographies, all in a distinctive gonzo style. Hellfire, his vivid portrait of wild man of rock & roll Jerry Lee Lewis, remains required reading for every self-respecting music lover. Miss him.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Wine Me Up

Friday, October 18, 2019

Eye On The Moon

A wonderful present for yesterday's birthday boy: a beautiful box with the collected works of Peter Laughner, the extremely talented but equally self-destructive Cleveland musician, music writer, and scenester from Cleveland who died far too young at only 24 years of age back in '77. The connaisseurs among you may remember him as a co-founder of the seminal Rocket from the Tombs and the mighty Pere Ubu. With a mixture of fine originals and inspired covers, all rather lo-fi but who gives a damn, this 5 disc plus big book labour of love makes you wonder what could have been, and then some... Play on.

Peter Laughner - Cinderella Backstreet
Peter Laughner - (Going To) China

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Open Your Eyes

A new Hiss record is always welcome around here, and Terms Of Surrender proves no exception. This one's intimate and atmospheric without trying too hard to resemble an old Van the Man album, and always uplifting despite MC Taylor's ongoing searches of the soul. "Daddy, take down your sorrow..."

Hiss Golden Messenger - Cat's Eye Blue

Monday, October 14, 2019

Deep & Wide

For some reason or other, songs about rivers are often really cool. This one's no exception. Relaxed hippie vibes from a '73 private press.

Jim Spencer - River Run

Friday, October 11, 2019

No One Else

At 83, Lee 'Scratch' Perry is still alive and kicking, recording and gigging. And that's cool of course. But as I prefer the early output of the wizard producer from Kendal, Jamaica, let's skank to a trio of deep cuts from the Upsetter years today. "I am the avenger, you'll never get away from me..."

Lee 'King' Perry - I Am The Upsetter
The Upsetters - French Connection Chapter 2
The Upsetters - Bad Lamp

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Barest Of Bones

A soulful Dutch lofi gem from 1995 I had all but forgotten about. Still sounds mighty fine.

Gitbox - Wrecked It Good

Monday, October 7, 2019

Om Indeed

Volume 9 of the always interesting Imaginary Anthem series dedicated to American Primitive solo guitar was curated by none other than folk maverick Ryley Walker. Says he: 'Music biz is a shit biz but guitar players are pretty intuitive at making it work...' Right on the ball. To illustrate, here's a lovely guitar mantra by Ryan Jewell and pals under the Mosses moniker.

Mosses - Om Ah Hung

Friday, October 4, 2019

Stay Alive

Still a few trips behind with volume nine already looming large on the horizon, but I finally managed to score the seventh trip of Riding Easy's amazing Brown Acid series. And yup, it's yet another fine collection of goodies from the tail end of the sixties, when the hippie dream had faded and harsh reality set in. Good times? Go tell 'em, Children.

Nobody's Children - Good Times

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Momentous Truth

Patti's new book is another keeper. Here's a fine example: "A homeless fellow in a long, gray overcoat and purple watch cap was scrawling a message on a brick wall with a thick piece of pink chalk. I slipped a five in his cup next to a makeshift bed of flattened cardboard, then watched his fingers as the words slowly emerged: Belinda Carlisle Matters. Why? I asked Why does Belinda Carlisle matter? He stared at me for a fairly long time that extended into an even longer time, all the way back to when cities were merely hills. He shifted his gaze from me to over his shoulder, then down to his shoes, then finally looked up and answered in a low voice. She's got the beat."