Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 2

Time for another version of Wild Weekend, where the shuffle function of my iPod decides the contents of a sixpack of songs. What did the ghost in the music machine line up for you this time? You´re about to find out.

Let´s get warmed up with the legendary Motor City Five, and a track from their killer second album Back In The USA. "Felt like screaming out loud..." Sharp soloing by brother Wayne Kramer here. Next up is something completely different, as it should be: allegedly the most widely known and biggest selling record in African music history. The half Nigerian and half Camerounian Prince Nico sold over 15 million (!) copies of his ´76 hit Sweet Mother to date.

MC5 - Looking At You MP3
Prince Nico Mbarga - Sweet Mother MP3

Time for one of my favorite horn players. Here´s king of the tenors Ben Webster performing the Duke Ellington classic Don´t Get Around Much Anymore. Ben digs deep. The Only Ones were one of my fave bands of the so-called new wave. Out There In The Night is a fine example of Peter Perrett in his prime. That lyrical guitar comes courtesy of the way underrated John Perry btw.

Ben Webster - Don´t Get Around Much Anymore MP3
The Only Ones - Out There In The Night MP3

"Be a hip cat, be a ship cat..." There´s not a lot of Pink Floyd on my iPod, as I´m one of them snobs who abhorrs almost anything of the post-Barrett era. Cause "that cat´s something I can't explain..." Wonderful song. And we reach the finish of this week´s edition of Wild Weekend with the late great Johnny Thunders covering Dylan. Remembering only a fraction of the lyrics, and improvising the rest, he still manages to pull it off somehow.

Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam MP3
Johnny Thunders - Joey Joey MP3

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