Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 4

Yet another Wild Weekend, which we´ll celebrate in the usual way: with a sixpack mix of songs chosen by my iPod´s nifty shuffle function. Get down.

And off we go with Curtis Mayfield, and a funky junkie lament from his famous soundtrack to the blaxploitation flick Superfly. "I´ve got a jones, runnin' through ma' bones, I'm sorry son, all your money's gone..." Which is followed by a perfect ode to boredom by obscure Detroit protopunks Destroy All Monsters. Yup, that´s Ron Asheton of Stooges fame on guitar folks.

Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Runnin´ Wild MP3
Destroy All Monsters - Bored MP3

Tricky´s amazing Maxinquaye still gets plenty of playing time around here. This Bristol-bred triphop masterpiece still sounds as fresh now as on the day it was released back in ´95. Special attention for Martina´s mysterious vocals: sublime. Next on the agenda is some far out heavy stoner rock by Alabama Thunder Pussy. These guys - who hailed from Virginia btw - sure knew their rifferama. Fab band name too of course.

Tricky - Hell Is Around The Corner MP3
Alabama Thunder Pussy - Dryspell MP3

We continue with Alexander ´Skip´ Spence, the acid casualty of sixties greats Moby Grape. Before he became completely fried, Skippy recorded the first lofi album ever: the fantastic Oar. Let´s hear it for Lawrence from Euphoria, Vivian from Oblivion and Ellie Mae from Californ-i-a! And we bid you adieu with some exotic sounds from faraway Azerbaidjan. I don´t know much about Ashiq Hasan, but I guess you will agree with me that he´s one hell of a singer.

Skip Spence - Lawrence From Euphoria MP3
Ashiq Hasan Trio - Koroghlu MP3


ib said...

An excellent clutch of songs, Ramone 666. Funnily, i considered that same Destroy All Monsters track just a few days back, but settled on Iggy instead. I had no idea Ron Asheton played on it.

Tricky was pretty good. A nice bloke too. He acquitted himself with an admirable balance of self deprecation and bile when he was interviewed on tv here a decade or so back. Surrounded by the kind of celebrities designed to make one wince.

Haven't heard Ashiq Hasan previously...

Top drawer.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks Ib. I knew you´d be familiar with Destroy All Monsters, too. Great band.