Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pa Pa Padapa

Debris Slide! Been playing early Pavement to death again lately. Not to deny the quality of later critic´s darlings as Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain or Wowee Zowee, but the unpolished barbwire experiments of their first musical steps still suit me best.

For a while, Pavement seemed to personify everything that was musically interesting in the early nineties. From the sloppy but exquisite collages they wrapped their records in to their often mystifying songtitles (Internal K-Dart anyone? Krell Vid-User?), it all immediately hit the spot somehow. Some band members lived in California while others resided on the east coast, and the drummer was said to be a certified nutcase. And then there was their glorious brand of beautiful noise of course. Their influences may have been rather obvious (Velvets, The Fall, Swell Maps, Sonic Youth), but the resulting cheeky racket was already totally their own.

As I was lucky enough to be in on Malkmus and co right from the start, I´ve got all these rough diamonds on vinyl too, but the nifty Westing (By Musket And Sextant) compilation sure comes in handy for everyday use. May I recommend that you buy it forthwith? All together now: Pa Pa Padapa... Debris Slide!

Pavement - Debris Slide MP3
Pavement - Box Elder MP3
Pavement - Spizzle Trunk MP3

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