Friday, January 22, 2010

Turning On A Light

While reading the liner notes to Jimmie Dale Gilmore´s After Awhile (see post below) I happened upon the following Gilmore quote, describing his early, pre-Flatlanders days in Lubbock, Texas. "A number of factors and people influenced my writing. To begin with, there´s a guy named Terry Allen whom I met in highschool. He´s a couple of years older than me, and he´s a pianist, a songwriter, and also a very accomplished painter and sculptor. We became very good friends, and meeting someone who actually wrote songs turned on a light for me. I realized that you could just do it, you didn´t have to wait ´til you were forty years old."

Some inspiration. I´ve been digging Allen´s rather obscure ´79 masterpiece Lubbock (On Everything) for a long time now. It´s an album every country music fan worth his salt should own, but for some reason only a happy few know it even exists. So if you´re "all caught-up with the need, to trade in some emptied out spaces for some speeeeed, an that good ol´ American Dream," check out the fine songs below.

Terry Allen - The Wolfman Of Del Rio MP3
Terry Allen - New Delhi Freight Train MP3


Nicolas said...

I LOVE The wowlfman of Del Rio. Great great song !!

peterrocker said...

Got a lotta stuff of Terry Allen.
Like you, it was thru JDG that I heard about him.
Can I send you some of his stuff???
Pete in Oz

Ramone666 said...

Very welcome Pete. Cheers!

peterrocker said...

Only too happy to do so. However,
I must be going blind because I can't see an email address to send it to.

Ramone666 said...