Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Room By Room

"You think you've got it all set up, you think you've got the perfect plan..."

Two sides of the same soul coin. It doesn´t really matter if Earl Randle´s classic composition is given the treatment by Memphis southern soul diva Ann Peebles in ´73, or by London pubrocker Graham Parker in ´77. Both soulful versions are guaranteed to leave you in the dust, wondering what the hell just happened.

"What you´re gonna do when you look up one day, and see your playhouse tumbling down..."

Ann Peebles - I´m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down MP3
Graham Parker & The Rumour - I´m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down MP3


Denier said...

Thanks for posting this. As an absolutely huge Graham Parker fan growing up, and Stick to Me was my favorite album. Had never heard the original, even though I knew it was a cover song.

Ramone666 said...

You´re welcome, Warden. My fave was and is Squeezing Out Sparks, but Stick To Me is great, too.

Denier said...

Actually, Ramone, you can't go wrong with anything Parker did from Howling Wind through at least Another Grey Area. Saw him live a few times, but never with the Rumour in their prime. But nice to know he's still going strong and performing live.

Ramone666 said...

Exactly. Saw him twice as far as I recall, solo and backed by the Dave Edmunds band, both excellent. With The Rumour it must have been even better.