Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Colour Me White

"White honey, get it from the candyman..." Or: one more exclusive hand picked six pack. In this week's Colour Me installment, GP and the mighty Rumour talk sweet, punkpop pioneers the Dickies speed up a moody blues, while Dublin's finest the Virgin Prunes look for the promised land of milk and honey. Next up, Little Feat finds inspiration in the East, furious Frisco punks the Avengers end up on the dole, and sixties unknowns the Painted Ship tell fuzzy lies in the garage. If you like what you hear, please buy a featured album or two.

Graham Parker & The Rumour - White Honey MP3
The Dickies - Nights In White Satin MP3
Virgin Prunes - Sweethome Under White Clouds MP3
Little Feat - China White MP3
Avengers - White Nigger MP3
Painted Ship - Little White Lies MP3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diamonds As Big As Your Shoe

Too busy to organise a Wild Weekend for you this time around, but how about some choice live diamonds from Dylan's excellent last stint in Europe? With a heartfelt thanks to the tapers of course. Zimmy's seventieth birthday is approaching fast, but that doesn't stop him from heading over to Australia and Asia soon, to play concerts in China and Vietnam amongst others. Man, I'd love to be part of that experience... Full tour dates over at Bill Pagel's legendary fansite Boblinks.

Bob Dylan - Under The Red Sky (Live Padova 15-6-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - What Good Am I? (live Linz 12-11-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - Forgetful Heart (live Marseille 23-6-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man (live Parma 18-6-2010) MP3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Imagine That

And while we're on the subject of writers, why not spare some time for the existentialist charms of French Algerian author Albert Camus? Mark E. Smith named his legendary band after one of his books (La Chute), the Cure based their early classic Killing An Arab on his debut novel L'√Čtranger, while Magnapop mourned his tragic end in their Michael Stipe-produced Favorite Writer. "In Corsica the engines blew, your favorite writer died... in a car, in a crash, died in a fire, imagine that..." After the crash, which actually took place somewhere in Burgundy, not Corsica, Camus was found with an unused train ticket in his pocket. He had planned to travel by rail, but accepted a ride from his publisher at the last minute. Imagine that indeed.

The Fall - Prole Art Threat MP3
The Cure - Killing An Arab MP3
Magnapop - Favorite Writer MP3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Papa Shoots

"Never pull your gun until you plan to shoot." Read any Hemingway lately? You should. Plenty of magic still there, especially in the classic short stories. I've got a feeling the way underrated Eric Taylor would agree with me. "Hemingway's shotgun finally told the truth, but he never said a word about you..." Fine song, fine performance.

Eric Taylor - Hemingway's Shotgun (live in Decatur '99) MP3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 54

After a bit of a hiatus, Wild Weekend comes a-callin' again. Ready for issue 53? Right on and tally ho. This weeks harvest: a gospel scorcher, a garage blast and a soul gem, amongst others. Featuring no less than three songs from vinyl sources, so the purists among you have plenty reason to be proud of me. Make it a wild one, y'all.

Let´s begin with a rather obscure bearded folkie: Gary Higgins. If you love his '73 masterpiece Red Hash like I do, you'll be pleased to find that the ever amazing Drag City label managed to unearth a couple of even earlier Higgins beauties, just released under the title of A Dream A While Back. The delicate and dark Laugh A Little is my current fave. Gospel time now, with the Crumb Brothers. A friend of mine was recently raving about their heavenly Seat In The Kingdom, and boy was he right. Holy smoke indeed. Find it on a cool vinyl-only collection called Life Is A Problem... But Where There Is Life, There Is Hope on the tiny Mississippi records.

Gary Higgins - Laugh A Little MP3
Crumb Brothers - Seat In The Kingdom MP3

Guess who recorded a Daytrotter session recently? None other than the eccentric Van Dyke Parks, who's not exactly your run of the mill, garden variety musician. Want to know why hayseeds go back to the country? Try on the lighthearted highlight The All Golden and find out. Going back to the late seventies now, when expats Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon tried making dissonant waves under the Snatch moniker in punky London. No wave avant la lettre. If you think I'm exaggerating, just try on the funky, Eno-produced R.A.F. Royal Air Force or Rote Armee Fraktion? That's for you to decide. Meanwhile, I'm clinging to my probably rather valuable vinyl copy of their sole album, which to my knowledge still has to see the light of day on cd. Someone do something about that omission, please.

Van Dyke Parks - The All Golden MP3
Snatch - R.A.F. MP3

Ready for some snotty sixties garage punk now? Then let the Caravelles satisfy you. Their wild Lovin' Just My Style can be found on the first volume of that 'mind blowing collection of boss sounds' which is the heavy heavy Boulders series. Another case of vinyl only I'm afraid. Nope, I won't sell my copy unless you make me an offer I can't refuse. And we say goodbye with a glorious piece of soul courtesy of miss Fontella Bass. Her '65 single Rescue Me gave the famous Chess label its first million seller since Chuck Berry last hit a decade or so earlier. She claimed later that she never saw much by way of royalties, and was portrayed as a troublemaker when she complained about it. Just goes to show folks... Take care, but don't forget to have a wild one.

The Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style MP3
Fontella Bass- Rescue Me MP3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bingo Masters

Gonna see the Bingo Trappers today. Amsterdam's finest of the lofi will perform at an exhibition in the Nieuwe Anita. Be there or be square, as they supposedly said back in the sixties, and "try to stay cool, when it's cool enough to stay here..."

Bingo Trappers - Manual For A Safe Trip MP3

The Bingos rose from the ashes of the Karabekians, who were named after a Kurt Vonnegut character, loved the Feelies and made use of a remarkably jazzy rhythm section. I always was a big fan.

Karabekians - January MP3

Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Man

Apologies for the downtime. Been a busy man is all. No worries, things will be back to normal real soon. In the meantime, why don't you enjoy this Stooges-inspired garage blast from '77 by Jeff Conolly, also known as the Mono Man.

DMZ - Busy Man MP3