Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lee, where are you?

Picture this: a seedy bar in Oslo Norway, some time in the late eighties. Three local youths spend most of their nights in this watering hole. Make that every night, except for the rare occasion they´ve got a gig with their band. In between beers, the guys are always bugging the bartender to play their favourite albums. The one they request most of all is Naked Child by Lee Clayton. Just their kind of music, raw country rock from Nashville. 

One night a stranger in a long black coat walks up to them. He´d like to know just why they always want to hear that particular album. "Who wants to know?" they ask, just a tad irritated at the intrusion. "Well, I´m Lee Clayton," the guy replies. The rest is history. They decide to team up together and soon they´re playing all over Europe. A live album, Another Night, is recorded at the end of the tour in Oslo. Where else? But that´s also more or less where the Lee Clayton story ends. Sadly we haven´t heard much from him since. It´s about time he walked into another bar somewhere.

Lee Clayton - I Ride Alone (live in Oslo) MP3

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