Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ladybirds (22 of them)

Tonight I´d like to put the spotlight on 22-Pistepirkko, for no other reason that I think they´re a great band. Although they started back in 1980 and are still going strong as we speak, they´re relatively unknown. Maybe it´s because they´re from Finland? Now I don´t know an awful lot about that northern country, but rock ´n´roll isn´t the first thing that comes to mind. Snow, moose, reindeer, ski jumping and legendary footballer Jari Litmanen; that´s it for me I´m afraid.

But 22-Pistepirkko (yup, that´s Finnish for ladybirds) are up there with the best of them. True Scandinavian splendor. Rattly guitars, the odd slide, whimsical organs and whispered vocals. Although they are often experimental and tend to mix a lot of styles together (pop, folky stuff, electronica, blues, lofi), their songs nearly always have a catchy chorus you can sing along to. I have to admit I don´t own all off their records, but you can´t go wrong with Bare Bone Nest (´89), Big Lupu (´92) and Rumble City, La La Land (´94). You can order them through the band´s website. Suomi rules, got me?

22-Pistepirkko - Night Train Miss MP3
22-Pistepirkko - Bubblegum Couple MP3
22-Pistepirkko - Wild Billy MP3

2 comments: said...

I rather hear Ladybird of Nancy and Lee!

Ramone666 said...

Definitely in the cards for a future post...