Monday, January 21, 2008

Balcony days

It´s one of these January weeks that makes one especially happy to be living in the Catalan capital of Barcelona.  Apart from great atmosphere, great food and great football, to name but a few, the mediterranean climate sure agrees with me. And as I used to live in much colder climes (Holland, England and to a lesser extent Ireland), I sure do appreciate a clear blue sky and a bit of warmth in winter... Rain and sleet, be gone.

It´s been 19 degrees centigrade and sunny for days now, which gives you the privilege to sit on the balcony in just a t-shirt for a couple of hours each afternoon. Spring really starts here in early March, but some plants are already budding out now, the odd bee is flying about and even the bats have woken up from their hibernation. And I´m enjoying every minute of it. No doubt we´ve got a few chilly days still ahead of us here - although it never snows and subzero temperatures are unheard of -  but I´m already dreaming of a long hot summer. "Time to discover what fun is about".

The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer MP3

2 comments: said...

with the undertones it's always feeling like a warm nasty sun is hitting you in the right atmosphere!!! And by the way we also had a perfect sunny day that made you feel like "here comes the summer"!

Ramone666 said...

Good to hear you had a break from the usual Amsterdam rain and cold today. Hope it lasts a while.