Monday, January 28, 2008

Lanegan revisited

As promised, here´s some more Mark Lanegan stuff. I´ve always been a fan of his first band the Screaming Trees, and albums like Buzz Factory, Uncle Anesthesia and Sweet Oblivion (with the powerful Nearly Lost You) still get played regularly around here. Lanegan´s solo work proved quite different from the psychedelic grunge the Trees dished out, and showcased his extraordinary dark voice on moody albums like the beautifully arranged Whiskey For The Holy Ghost (including the exquisite Borracho) and the tasteful covers collection I´ll Take Care Of You.

Last year saw a fascinating collaboration with the Soulsavers. Lanegan provided the vocals for the British electronica duo´s It´s Not How Far You Fall, It´s The Way You Land. The gospelish opener Revival is a killer, but the rest of the songs are not too far behind. Lanegan´s next project will be a long awaited teaming up with Afghan Whigs vocalist Greg Dulli as the Gutter Twins. Although I´m usually not too fond of the whole supergroup trip, this one sure looks like a potential dream combination. Two great white soulsingers (which they are of course, their grungy background notwithstanding) for the price of one, right? Idle Hands hasn´t really convinced me yet, but let´s put our judgements on hold until Sub Pop releases the full album Saturnalia next month.

Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You MP3
Mark Lanegan - Borracho MP3
Soulsavers - Revival MP3
The Gutter Twins - Idle Hands MP3

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