Friday, January 25, 2008

Jesus Dread

I´ve never been a fan of Mick Hucknall (of Simply Red fame), but I sure do appreciate him financing one of the great reggae reissue labels, the mighty Blood & Fire. It´s been digging up and dishing out the most amazing stuff from the forgotten vaults of Jamaica for years now. One of the artists the label introduced me to is Vivian Jackson, better known as Yabby You. His first single Conquering Lion started with the words "be you, yabby yabby you", and that´s what customers asked for in the record shops of Kingston. And the moniker stuck. Apart from being a great singer and songwriter with an ear for infectious melodies, Yabby You also made his mark as a producer and discoverer of new talent. 

The exemplary 2 disc compilation Jesus Dread 1972 -1977 collects tons of roots reggae gems from his early days, including hard dubs from the great King Tubby and songs from protégés such as Wayne Wade, who was only 13 (!) when he recorded the wonderful Man Of The Living. And if you´re curious about the album´s title: a Jesus Dread is a guy with dreadlocks who, like Yabby You, rejects the rasta doctrine that Haile Selassie - Rasta Far I -  is the supreme being also known as God. 

Yabby You - Love Thy Neighbour MP3
Yabby You - Conquering Lion MP3
Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living MP3

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