Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day of the Triffids

Over the past two years, Domino Records re-released three classic albums by one of my beloved bands of the eighties, the Triffids. Hailing from Perth, Australia, they moved to London in ´84 and gave themselves 3 months to make it.

Commercially they never really succeeded, but Born Sandy Devotional (´86), In The Pines (also ´86) and Calenture (´87) all prove that artistically they sure did. It´s hard to pick a favourite. Most of my friends go for Born Sandy, where the lush and lyrical major label debut Calenture has always been my personal pick. Lately I prefer In The Pines though, obviously the odd one out because it was recorded lo-fi in a sheep shed back in Oz. All three reissues are overflowing with bonus tracks, and - a rarity - that´s a case of all killer no filler too. Singer David McComb tragically died in a car crash in ´99: these reissues make one hell of an epitaph.

The Triffids - Stolen Property MP3
The Triffids - Jerdacuttup Man (demo) MP3
The Triffids - Bury Me Deep In Love (demo) MP3

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