Friday, January 4, 2008

Cheers Stipey

It´s Michael Stipe´s birthday today. Well, happy birthday, Stipey. Can´t say I´ve listened to your music much over the last couple of years. R.E.M. never was my favourite band, but up until Document I faithfully bought your records and liked them quite a lot. I never did understand your mass appeal, but you´d probably say the same...

Your later albums frankly bored me a bit. But I give you this: even when you became a big millionselling rockstar you never made the headlines with cliches like lost weekends, dating airhead models, coke binges, reunions (admittedly easy as your band always stayed together), rehab stories etc. etc. And you actively campaigned against Bush. That´s cool enough for me.

So I´d like to celebrate your 48th birthday with a grand old song of yours, from Fables Of The Reconstruction. And with a beautiful song by fIREHOSE about you, which may very well be a deliberate pastiche of both the sound and the lyrics of Athens´ finest. Alright, you can cut the cake now.

R.E.M. - Green Grow The Rushes MP3
fIREHOSE - For The Singer Of R.E.M. MP3

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