Friday, January 6, 2012

Purple Pants

Maybe you have to speak the language to really dig these wacky Nederbiet songs... all I know is that I find them totally irresistable. The Softs wear purple pants and grow their hair long, something daddy doesn't like at all, while N.V. Group 65 travels all the way to Morocco to buy that devil weed. Meanwhile, the Dukes go wild in a bar in Turkey, and The Mokum Beat Five (from my native city Amsterdam, a.k.a. Mokum) issues a stern warning against marriage. Wonder what my non-Dutch readers think.

Softs - Paarse Broek
N.V. Groep 65 - Tanger
Dukes - In Istanboel
Mokum Beat Five - Trouw Nooit


Holly said...

This North American English speaker certainly understands 'Tanger' ;-)

Ramone666 said...

Which somehow doesn't surprise me...

Holly said...

Actually, like Jonathan Richman, I'm straight. But with a much higher tolerance for hippies.

Ramone666 said...

Point taken. I'm more like Ian Dury - want to be straight.

JohnnyDiego said...

There are certain languages that lend themselves to Rock and Roll, English and German especially.
I have a little collection of Mexican Rock and Roll as well as some Swedish, Argentinian, Chilean, and also a little Dutch, I think. Mostly 60s stuff like this.
I never really listened to lyrics anyway, so any rough sounding language meets my criteria for great Rock and Roll.
Thanks for the post.

(Damn. I must need new glasses. I can never make the robot guard work.)