Friday, January 27, 2012

On The Vine

Recent pickings aplenty in the For The Sake Of The Song headquarters, so let's not waste any precious time. First up: the Owsley Brothers, doing that dirty garage blues thingy very well. Rotten On The Vine is a teaser for their new album Cobalt, out in March. Can't wait, guys. On now to our Canadian pals from Woodpigeon. Love some of their tunes, while others strangely enough leave me cold somehow. This time I'm in luck, as the dreamy title track of their recent ep For Paolo definitely falls in the former category.

Owsley Brothers - Rotten On The Vine
Woodpigeon - For Paolo

That enticing Swedish girl duo called First Aid Kit is at it again as well, and I'm happy to say their brand new set of songs called The Lion's Roar is the first contender for our 2012 end of year list. The country-tinged Emmylou (that's a certain madame Harris of course) is plenty proof of that methinks. And finally, please welcome Anne-Marie Sanderson from the north - will rise again - of England. She plays a hypnotizing guitar and at least to these ears sounds quite a bit like Joanna Newsom on her folky single Endless Eyes. Keep a close watch.

First Aid Kit - Emmylou
Anne-Marie Sanderson - Endless Eyes

And sadly, we have to play you some of the old stuff as well, as a heartfelt tribute to two r&b giants who passed away recently at a ripe old age. Miss 'em.

Johnny Otis Orchestra - The Midnight Creeper (Part 1)
Etta James - Seven Day Fool


Holly said...

Enjoyed the whole playlist (well, Ms. Sanderson, not so much ;-)) but then Etta came on & now I can't even remember any of the other songs.

Dang, she was good. Best?
RIP, troubled lady. said...

also liked the list alot! & Etta finished it real good!

Anonymous said...

Really like this, thanks.

Rufus D said...

I really liked Endless Eyes. Looking forward to more songs from that artist.