Friday, January 13, 2012

On A Fence

High time for some more recent stuff around here. Got Is Growing Faith a tad too late for my end of year list, but otherwise White Fence's second outing could have been a contender. Fingerlickin' lofi jangle that alternately took me back to Alex Chilton, Skip Spence, Syd Barrett, and a plethora of bands on New Zealand's famed Flying Nun label. Grow faith, y'all. And then there's Israel Nash Gripka, whose Barn Doors And Concrete Floors I haven't even fully digested yet. I do know that standout track Louisiana is one tough piece of steaming Stones swamprock though. And last but not least let's shine a light on Diagrams, the new project of Sam Genders, someone I've always greatly admired for his work with Tunng and The Accidental. And as Night All Night shows, he hasn't lost that golden freakfolk touch.

White Fence - Growing Faith
White Fence - When There Is No Crowd
Israel Nash Gripka - Louisiana
Diagrams - Night All Night

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