Sunday, January 22, 2012


King Tubby may have been the dub organiser supreme, but Lee Perry wasn't that far behind. So here's Scratch behind that rickety mixing desk of his in the legendary Black Ark studio, with a couple of inventive and - contrary to the album titles - rather laidback tracks from his two tough to find Megaton Dub volumes.

Lee Perry - Freedom Dub
Lee Perry - Megaton Dub
Lee Perry - Big Neck Dub
Lee Perry - Zion In Dub


elduderido said...

Hi! It never happened with any of your previous posts, but this time all four songs were reported as unsafe downloads and as such blocked by my SmartScreen Filter. Are you sure the source is reliable?

Ramone666 said...

Most definitely, as my own discs are the source, and they were uploaded to my own reliable account. Strange that.

elduderido said...

No problem today. Strange indeed!

Blob_59 said...

hi, it's crazy these two are so hard to find now. particularly galling since my cd copies went missing before i had them backed up to my computer! at least the sticky fingered soul had exceptional taste...
b.t.w the post doesn't include , as far as i can see, any links now. maybe my mistake, maybe gone with things changing in blogosphere. shame, as i'm desperately hunting replacement copies of the tracks on the two disks!