Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 27

While we´re waiting in nervous anticipation for the World Cup final, let´s play some more music why don´t we. The iPod shuffle picked six winners once again this Wild Weekend, touching base in Christchurch, Russia by way of Kingston, and Washington DC amongst others. Drop that bomb.

Guided By Voices always had a knack for intriguing song- and album titles of course, but you´ll probably agree that King Shit And The Golden Boys can hardly be bettered. And the music that slab of wax contains isn´t half bad either. Cue: Don´t Stop Now. "We pulled into economy island, king shit and the golden boys, plenty more where we came from, top of the line..." Indeed. Which is swiftly followed by some brand new Americana you´ll probably like if you dig Wilco and Okkervil River. Kingsley Flood hail from Boston and their future´s bright. Sing along chorus of the week.

Guided By Voices - Don´t Stop Now MP3
Kingsley Flood - Cathedral Walls MP3

The majority of Louisville legends Squirrel Bait eventually became deserved critics´ darlings as the oft-lauded Slint, but their own much heavier output shouldn´t be underestimated. Just try on Tape From California, a wonderful cover of a wonderful song by folkie Phil Ochs. "Who´s that coming down the road, a sailor from the sea, he looks a lot like me, I´d know him anywhere, had to stare..." And now let´s change the tempo a bit with yet another reggae beauty, which I´d like to dedicate to faithful reader Big Ed. Keep on skanking, dude, and let´s see if you´re familiar with this amazing, jazzy instrumental by Val Bennett.

Squirrel Bait - Tape From California MP3
Val Bennett - The Russians Are Coming MP3

In the eighties, some of the best pure pop with a twist rather unexpectedly came out of New Zealand, courtesy of the great Flying Nun label. Robert Scott and his Bats, from the town of Christchurch, illustrate my point perfectly with the slightly jangly jewel North By North. Shame the well down there seems to have dried up by now, or am I missing something, my kiwi brethren? And we´re going out in grand style with the wild and sweaty gogo sounds of the mighty Troublefunk, dropping the bomb on DC and all around the globe. Get on down!

The Bats - North By North MP3
Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb MP3


David Veinot said...

Yah, Take Five. Love the ragged groove on this track. Blasted it the a.m. the other day on the way to work. Thanks. I also dig that Drop the Bomb tune. Great party music.

ib said...


The official voice of the morning after here. From Scotland. A nation born to lose.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks Ib. Voice of the mourning more like. The game was 50/50 in my eyes, but that perfidious ref sure was shite. Anyway, here´s hoping for a Holland vs. Scotland final in two years. One can always dream.

ib said...

To be fair, I thought the referee handled a difficult game pretty well.

I thought Spain played better in the second half, if only because of Holland's giving in to frustration on and off the ball.

That, and the fact Spain definitely did not want to to penalties.

Ramone666 said...

If a ref needs 14 yellow cards there´s something wrong I´d say. Even in a game you rightly describe as difficult.

ib said...

Yeah. It was almost as hard to watch as play, I think.