Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smooth Spgt

Today we congregate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that landmark lofi label from Upland, California called Shrimper Records. It brought us the Mountain Goats, Diskothi-Q, Refrigerator, Sentridoh and many more interesting pioneers with low budgets but musical ideas aplenty. Congrats guys, good to see you´re still in business, and thanks for a lot of fine tunage over the years.

To mark the occasion, Dennis Callaci and co decided to put out a tribute to one of the finest bands in their stable, the obscure Wckr Spgt - which should be pronounced as Wacker Spaggot if I´m correctly informed. Smooth Sounds is a tribute with a twist though: the chosen artists don´t perform songs the Spgt already put to wax in the past, but rather play the ´future hits´ of the band. With 36 songs spread out over two discs, this obviously becomes a bit of a mixed bag, but the highlights - feel free to check out a couple below - are not to not be missed. As the Bingos sing: "It´s like a secret promise, eventually you will follow through..."

Alan Smithee - Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge On The City Of Los Angeles MP3
Bingo Trappers - Cause And Effect MP3
Mountain Goats - Predator Eyes MP3

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