Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 28

A lot of soulful, funky stuff this Wild Weekend , as the ghost in the iPod picked another musical six pack out of the air once again. Featuring the Impromptu Horns, Farmer John´s lovely daughter and much, much more.

We´ll start off in Jamaica, with the great U Roy as your ace from outer space. Say what? One of the first toasters in reggae history, Ewart Beckford wasn´t called the originator for nothing. Ride that riddim, my brethren. Soultime now, with the underrated dynamic duo of Don & Dewey. All their songs for the Specialty label (try the exemplary Jungle Hop compilation) sound like bona fide hits, though they only got that status after getting the cover treatment by others. Did you know they also penned the later garage classic Farmer John? All together now: "Farmer John, I´m in love with your daughter..."

U Roy - Your Ace From Outer Space MP3
Don & Dewey - Farmer John MP3

And here comes a bit of da funk again, featuring the incredible Eddie Hazel, he of Funkadelic fame. Maggot Brain anyone? Here Eddie transforms a well known Lennon/McCartney tune into an amazing guitar epic you definitely don´t want to miss. It starts out a little tame, but catches fire soon enough. Find it on his ´73 solo outing Game Dames And Guitar Thangs. Heavy indeed, brother Ed. Which is swiftly followed by Vetiver, one of the best bands of the freakfolk movement in my book. Join them in their quest for Amour Fou, also known as Crazy Love.

Eddie Hazel - I Want You (She´s So Heavy) MP3
Vetiver - Amour Fou MP3

New discovery up next. Pearly Gate Music is a project of one Sach Tillman from Seattle, whose older brother plays drums for the Fleet Foxes. Tillman junior takes a more lofi approach though, and often sounds like he´s been raised on outtakes from the Big Pink Basement. His eponymous debut is out now on the Barsuk label: check it out I´d say. And here´s the last song in the pack already, from those legendary Austin punk pioneers the Big Boys. They take the funky route, featuring their Impromptu Horns, which is of course big fun.

Pearly Gate Music - Daddy Wrote you Letters MP3
Big Boys - We Got Soul MP3

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BH said...

I've always liked this slow version of Farmer John more than the album verison.