Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 26

Back to the grindstone for another edition of Wild Weekend... Trying to lure you away from World Cup fever, which sure is mounting here as la naranja non-mecanica continued playing crap football yesterday but nevertheless managed to reach the semis. So it´s hup Holland hup, as the old song goes. Let the orange lion roar some more. Meanwhile, the iPod shuffle did its utmost to come up with one more exciting six pack of eclectic tracks. Funk, punk, reggae, blues, noiserock and psychfolk: all of ´em dynamite and outta sight. Yeah.

Coming out all guns blazing, here are American punk pioneers the Germs. "I came into this world like a puzzled panther, waiting to be caged..." Tell ´em, Darby. This blistering live version comes from the Decline Of Western Civilization soundtrack, a documentary on early L.A. punk I highly recommend. Which is followed by a chill reggae instrumental by veteran saxplayer Cedric ´Im´ Brooks. His mighty fine Im Flash Forward album (´77) has to my knowledge never gotten a proper cd release, which is a crying shame. Somebody do something about it please.

Germs - Manimal MP3
Cedric ´Im´ Brooks - Glory To Sound MP3

Oldie time. "Lookin´ at the devil, grinnin´ at his gun..." Which means we´re teleporting back to 1970 with Sly and his merry gang, playing da funque and then some. Sung by Sly, Rose Stone, Freddie Stone, and Larry Graham, whose revolutionary slap bass playing makes this monster really unique. Food for thought: "Dyin´ young is hard to take, sellin´ out is harder..." And then it´s time for something new. Presenting Man Benu, an adventurous trio from Brooklyn operating somewhere in the no man´s land between Sonic Youth and Fairport Convention, or so they say themselves. And who am I to disagree? Give these guys a try, well worth your time.

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) MP3
Man Benu - The Boat Of A Million Years MP3

Last week we featured Grant Hart´s Nova Mob here, and now it´s his former buddy Bob Mould´s turn to crucify himself upon the altar of noiserock. Or something like that. "Somebody nail my hands, I needed pain, somebody take my hand, I bleed again..." I once experienced an over fifteen minute version of JC Auto in concert and my ears are still ringing. Find it on Beaster, the dark successor to Copper Blue. And before we send you on your merry way, here´s the Hook, who tells himself there "ain´t no heaven, ain´t no burnin´ hell..." Not that he´s entirely sure about that, you dig, it´s just that he has to justify his wicked ways somehow...

Sugar - JC Auto MP3
John Lee Hooker - Burnin´ Hell MP3


ib said...

Well. There will be orange in the semi-finals.

A good result, although I am sad to see Brazil go down. Argentina more so.

And Spain just scraping through. But what a thrilling second half.

They were selling Brazil flags for £1 apiece at the weekend. England flags for 10p. This is in Scotland, of course; even at that there were no takers. On Sunday there was so much rain you could not have even burned one over a Bar-B-Q. Assuming you are keen enough to contaminate the meat.

Good luck on Tuesday.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks Ib. Going to need all the luck we can get. Still hoping that something suddenly clicks and we´ll play to our true potential. If that happens, who knows... Second place for the 3rd time is not something I look forward to to be honest. I´ll miss Argentina too. Brazil much less.