Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Good Book

I´ve got a confession to make: I´m studying a part of the bible at the moment. Don´t be afraid; I haven´t been born again. Far from it. Only last week I forcefully expelled some stubborn evangelists from my doorstep. But hey, they didn´t bring the gospel according to Robert Crumb.

When Crumb is on the ball, I´m always game. And in his version of the Book Of Genesis, which just happens to be an already interesting collection of stories in the first place, his drawings are as marvellous as ever. His vivid depictions of the life and times of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and all their kin really enrich the reading experience.

I had expected Crumb´s God to slightly resemble his famous Mr. Natural character, but except for the long flowing beard he doesn´t. Crumb shows a lot of respect for and stays close to the original texts of the first bible book and never comes across anywhere as even remotely blasphemous. He permits himself only one small liberty: all the women pictured, Eve included, are ´comely in features´. Which means they have these big butts and nipples sticking out that the icon of underground comics has always been famous for...

Repent and buy this book forthwith, readers. And lest I forget, here´s a fitting biblical six pack soundtrack of sorts for all you sinners out there.

Bogus Ben Covington - Adam And Eve In The Garden MP3
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Genesis 1:11 MP3
Johnny Cash - God´s Gonna Cut You Down MP3
Monster Magnet - Spine Of God MP3
Bingo Trappers - God´s Biographer MP3
Mountain Goats - Genesis 3:23 MP3


elduderido said...

Worth only one star (out of five), according to one amazon.com-reviewer of Crumb's Book of Genesis. Here's why: "As a Jew, I am personally affronted by picturing God as an old man with the flowing beard and robes."

This provoked a brilliant witty comment by one Michael Hancock:
"I guess Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel would get one star from you as well. That puts Crumb's Genesis in good company, I'd say."

Ramone666 said...

Lol. Goes to show you can´t please everybody.

elduderido said...

Now on the subject of religious MUSIC: I'm an agnostic SOB, and I will be a non-believer for a long time to come, I'm afraid. But I have to admit loving God (by others, that is) has produced some of the purest and greatest little records ever. Gimme that old time religion! Blind Willie Johnson doing John the Revelator (1930), the Spirit of Memphis-Happy in the Service of the Lord (1949-54, no easy listening, but well worth trying) and Reverend Charlie Jackson-"Fix It Jesus" (from God's Got It, ca. 1970), stunning stuff! Even more recommended are the compilations that were lovingly put together by Dust-To-Digital and Tompkins Square recently. The latter label released the truly great cheapo-3cd Fire In My Bones (1944-2007), DtD came up with the ultimate (but expensive) Goodbye Babylon-6cd-wooden box. But if I could mention only one record, to say thanks for all your great posts, it would have to be Storefront And Street Corner Gospel, containing the complete recordings of Washington Phillips (1927-1929) and two ditties by Luther Magby as a lovely bonus. Best ordered directly from Document Records in the UK. For a lousy 10 quid you get one of the most achingly beautiful collections of songs ever recorded!

Ramone666 said...

You´re right, Washington Phillips rules. And all Tompkins Square compilations too.