Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Bed

"You don´t have to say you love me..." Breakfast In Bed was written in ´69 by Eddie Hinton and Donnie Fritts for soul singer Baby Washington, who managed to score a well-deserved hit with it. But the version to treasure is the hot and horny one immortalized by Dusty Springfield just a wee bit later on her masterpiece Dusty In Memphis. "Pull your shoes off, lie down, and I will lock the door..."

Meanwhile in Jamaica, Lorna Bennett charted with a charming, but rather straightforward reggae take of the song. It was a certain Scotty who ran away with it and stole her thunder though. The priceless Skank In Bed is a weird fake duet made in heaven, with Scotty expertly toasting over Bennett´s original. "Excuse me Lorna, I wouldn´t do that to you..." Halfway into the song, Scotty abruptly cuts off the music to kick someone out of the studio. "Leave the studio mon! I don´t want you inside yeah!" After which he turns around like nothing happened and effortlessly takes the song to the finish.

Baby Washington - Breakfast In Bed MP3
Dusty Springfield - Breakfast In Bed MP3
Lorna Bennett - Breakfast In Bed MP3
Scotty - Skank In Bed MP3

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elduderido said...

Great post, again! Always loved this song, even tho UB40 tried to kill it. Happened to own 3 of these versions already, and I'm particularly fond of Scotty's. "Rhythm come further" is guaranteed to keep me in a good mood for several hours. But I wasn't familiar with the recording by Baby Washington, thanks for introducing me! Tried to find some more info on her, and I see she's been given credit for influencing Dusty's repertoire, so I guess it's safe to assume this is the original, not Dusty as stated on the usually reliable site
But I'm not sure if it was a hit for La Washington, can't find it in Joel Whitburn's Billboard-charts, pop nor R&B. And I guess the song was written earlier than 1969, since Dusty recorded "In Memphis' as early as september 68. I'd love to know what soul-connoisseur Dave Godin has to say on this subject, but alas, I only bought the first two volumes of his great Deep Soul Treasures. My ultimate fave-song: 'Showdown' by Kenny Carter, on vol.1