Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flip City

From the bootleg vault: three very early Costello tracks. These stem from the days when Declan Patrick MacManus had just started calling himself D.P. Costello and was playing around London with a pubrock combo called Flip City. The band´s name was picked by Costello´s future first wife Mary Burgoyne, who had heard the expression pop up in Cheech and Chong´s backing vocals on Joni Mitchell´s Twisted. Go to the Oliver Di Place blog to hear it yourself.

Recorded at Islington ´s famous Hope And Anchor pub in ´75, the Flip City demos are the first audible steps of a budding talent. Already toying around tentatively with songs like Pay It Back, Living In Paradise and Radio Radio (called Radio Soul at the time), Costello was slowly but surely getting ready to surprise the world with My Aim Is True.

Elvis Costello - Pay It Back MP3
Elvis Costello - Living In Paradise MP3
Elvis Costello - Radio Soul (take 2) MP3

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