Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 12

Wild Weekend, take 12. Like some ancient Greek oracle, the ghost in the iPod has spoken again. And once more it prophesied a musical six pack with a little something for everyone. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Btw: despite his lousy musical examples, I kinda agree with this guy that iTunes and iPods have changed the way one listens to music, and that these new technologies have even diluted the act of listening in a way.

But enough of that, we´re off to a furious start with some early Hüskers, from the days the Minneapolis power trio still played hardcore of sorts. "The only freedom worth fighting for is for what you think." Exactly. After which we´ll play the ace of spades, but not the Motörhead song this time. Nope, this is lush southern soul by way of Overton Vertis Wright. "I'm the ace of spades, baby that's me, ace of hearts just keep loving misery... ace of diamonds, somethin' every woman craves... I use the ace of clubs to keep my baby in place..."

Hüsker Dü - In A Free Land MP3
O.V. Wright - Ace Of Spades MP3

The first five Roxy Music albums are all dear to my heart, but nothing beats their adventurous untitled debut from ´72. Must be the prominence of a certain Brian Peter George St. John Le Baptiste De La Salle Eno, whose synth wizardry is the cream on the glamrock cake here. Just take that mysterious intro to Ladytron for instance... Time to travel to the Arizona desert now, where Calexico reigns supreme. I´ve been following them since their fine debut came out in the late nineties, and they never disappointed me since. You can find the infectious, Mexican flavored Victor Jara´s Hands on the excellent Carried To Dust. For some background on Jara, check here.

Roxy Music - Ladytron MP3
Calexico - Victor Jara´s Hands MP3

It´s Everly time. I was lucky enough to see Don and Phil perform once in the early nineties, thanks to a friend who managed to sneak me in for free. I didn´t expect that much of it, but was pleasantly surprised to find their voices still soared in perfect harmony. Which is quite a feat really, as by that time the love between them apparently had gone rather bad indeed. And we´ve come to the end of another Wild Weekend with Motorpsycho, the pride of Trondheim. These adventurous Norwegians made some fine varied albums in the early nineties, alternating between hard rock, experimental noise, psychedelica and pop with ease. The latter two styles are showcased in the exuberant Waiting For The One.

Everly Brothers - So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) MP3
Motorpsycho - Waiting For The One MP3


ib said...

Kind of cool that you managed to sneak in to catch the Everlys. I grew up listening to this shit. The brothers and Buddy Holly.

The Calexico number is odd. Nice instrumentation but my inabilty to translate Spanish with any immediacy does not do it justice.

Victor Jara's tale is dark and brooding and an affront to those people in the UK whose elected minister sheltered Pinochet.

Ramone666 said...

Ib, the Spanish part of the Calexico track roughly translates as follows:

"I feel alone and lost, a candle lights my way,
Crossing lands never seen, crossing the river of my destiny,
I´m just a kid, daydreaming and looking out to sea.

ib said...

Cheers, Ramone666.

Not overtly political then, but why scream when we can whisper...