Friday, April 16, 2021



Wild and wacky nederbiet thingy from '66. Channels the Troggs, Abraham, and mustard. Flute solos a specialty. Solo! Those were the days, pop kids.

The Eurfians - Waaro?


Apothecary said...

This is great! My lad performed this (Wild Thing that is) along with his 9 year old friends at a junior school concert circa 20 years ago - my ears still bear the scars. Looking back, I'm not sure whether their rendition matched or bettered this version by The Eurfians. There's scarce info out there on the internet about this band - I'm wondering whether this is a good or bad thing! Cheers.

P.S Neither my lad nor his mates went on to take up music professionally!

Ramone666 said...

Glad you dug 'em! Not much info indeed, probably because they just released this one 7". Judging their accents they were're probably an Amsterdam band. They later released another single as the Dutch Beat College, which I'veyet to hear.