Friday, April 23, 2021

Master Plan


It's a relatively small step from Denmark to Sweden, where psychedelic vibes run wild, too. Take Djinn: a collaboration between members of Goat and Hills, so quite the pedigree. No wonder their brand new Transmission record grooves and grooves. Only when they venture too deep in Ayler/Pharoah territory do they lose me, as that's frankly above their paygrade. But altogether, their exciting and remarkably organic-sounding mix of free jazz fusion, psychfolk, krautrock and everything in between made jaws drop around here. One for the end-of-year lists for sure.

Djinn - Creator Of Creation

And while we're on the subject of Hills, their hypnotic Frid album from 2015 remains in heavy rotation at FTSOTS headquarters. Much recommended if you like your psych way krauty, if you know what I mean.

Hills - Kollektiv

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