Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Danish Delights


The Danish sunship explores the galaxy again. As expected, Wildfire's yet another heavy trip, but less jazzy this time, as if Quicksilver's Happy Trails replaced Sun Ra's Space Is The Place on their collective turntable. A step back? Maybe so, and Another Shape Of Psychedelic Music remains my favourite of theirs. Still plenty to enjoy here though.

Mythic Sunship - Redwood Grove

And let's stay with the Danes a while longer, by way of southern California: last year's collaboration between Jonas Munk (of Causa Sui fame) and Brian Ellis definitely deserves to be heard, too. A modern day Bitches Brew? That maybe too much praise, so let's just say that if innovative and heavy fusion is your thing, you gotta dig their San Diego Sessions.

Ellis/Munk Ensemble - Electric Saloon

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