Thursday, March 24, 2011

Imagine That

And while we're on the subject of writers, why not spare some time for the existentialist charms of French Algerian author Albert Camus? Mark E. Smith named his legendary band after one of his books (La Chute), the Cure based their early classic Killing An Arab on his debut novel L'√Čtranger, while Magnapop mourned his tragic end in their Michael Stipe-produced Favorite Writer. "In Corsica the engines blew, your favorite writer died... in a car, in a crash, died in a fire, imagine that..." After the crash, which actually took place somewhere in Burgundy, not Corsica, Camus was found with an unused train ticket in his pocket. He had planned to travel by rail, but accepted a ride from his publisher at the last minute. Imagine that indeed.

The Fall - Prole Art Threat MP3
The Cure - Killing An Arab MP3
Magnapop - Favorite Writer MP3

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