Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diamonds As Big As Your Shoe

Too busy to organise a Wild Weekend for you this time around, but how about some choice live diamonds from Dylan's excellent last stint in Europe? With a heartfelt thanks to the tapers of course. Zimmy's seventieth birthday is approaching fast, but that doesn't stop him from heading over to Australia and Asia soon, to play concerts in China and Vietnam amongst others. Man, I'd love to be part of that experience... Full tour dates over at Bill Pagel's legendary fansite Boblinks.

Bob Dylan - Under The Red Sky (Live Padova 15-6-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - What Good Am I? (live Linz 12-11-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - Forgetful Heart (live Marseille 23-6-2010) MP3
Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man (live Parma 18-6-2010) MP3


carol said...

Thank you so much. I haven't seen Bob in a few years and this was almost like being there.....

Ramone666 said...

Cool. And do buy a ticket next time he plays somewhere near you.