Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bingo Masters

Gonna see the Bingo Trappers today. Amsterdam's finest of the lofi will perform at an exhibition in the Nieuwe Anita. Be there or be square, as they supposedly said back in the sixties, and "try to stay cool, when it's cool enough to stay here..."

Bingo Trappers - Manual For A Safe Trip MP3

The Bingos rose from the ashes of the Karabekians, who were named after a Kurt Vonnegut character, loved the Feelies and made use of a remarkably jazzy rhythm section. I always was a big fan.

Karabekians - January MP3


Holly said...

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of Sierra Nevada, would you? I cannot find my LP and fear it's lost forever...

desperately hopeful Holly

Ramone666 said...

Got my vinyl copy, but no means yet to digitalize it. Will ask around if there´s a cdr copy made, and if so, I´ll let you know.