Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 48

Sit back, relax, and tune in to Wild Weekend, edition 48. Lotsa old stuff this week, as usual in lotsa different genres. Afro-funk, fifties country, live flamenco... Plus: a Robert Wyatt beauty sung in Spanish. Have a wild one, amigos.

Let´s make a funky start with the Mebusas and their infectuous afro ode to one Mr. Bull Dog. Which means juicy saxes, brother James vocals, and wild wah wah guitars in overdrive from the psychedelic seventies in Nigeria. You can find it on an exemplary double disc set called The World Ends on the mighty Soundway label. Taking the tempo down a notch now with a fine fine brother-in-law country duo from days long gone: Johnnie Wright and Jack Anglin. Their Poison Love stems from 1951, and managed to reach 4th place in the country charts that year. "Your poison love has stained the life blood in my heart and soul, dear..."

The Mebusas - Mr. Bull Dog MP3
Johnnie & Jack - Poison Love MP3

Last November saw a long expected flamenco release: a crystal clear registration of El Camarón De La Isla´s last ever concert of January ´92 in the auditorium of San Juan Evangelista College in Madrid. The legendary gypsy vocalist was already in bad health at the time, but his performances, accompanied by Tomatito on guitar, could still be breathtaking. Camarón would die the following June, his funeral attracting more than 100.000 people. More musica in the Spanish language up now, in the form of Robert Wyatt´s majestic rendition of Víctor Jara´s bittersweet ode to Amanda and her Manuel. "La vida es eterna en cinco minutos..."

El Camarón De La Isla - Nunca Llueve Como Truena (live San Juan Evangelista ´92) MP3
Robert Wyatt - Te Recuerdo Amanda MP3

Got an interesting take on ye olde House Of The Rising Sun for you now, featuring one Gil Bateman on vocals and tons of fuzz for free. From ´65, so way ahead of its time I guess. Turn it up and see if you agree. And we´ll call it quits with sister Wynona Carr, who´s not a big fan of the American penal system apparently. "That night in October, nineteen fifty three, how could he be in Frisco, he was home with me..." Yeah, right. Stay free and have a wild one.

Gil Bateman – My Daddy Walked in Darkness MP3
Wynona Carr - Please Mr. Jailer MP3

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