Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 46

A warm welcome to the first edition of Wild Weekend in the year 2011. What´s cooking, doc? Got some rather obscure stuff for you this week, with nyabinghi drums and sitars no less. But there´s also a sizzling Ike Turner party hit featuring Lonnie ´The Cat´, and a steaming jazz duel between two undisputed sax greats. What more could you possibly want? Check ´em all out and for chrissakes... have a wild one.

But first there´s Lightnin´ Hopkins, wishing you all a very happy new year. Lightnin´ (1912-1982) was one of the most amazing blues guitarists to ever walk the earth. Could play acoustic and electric equally well. Mean singer, too. His recordings for Alladin, Modern, Herald and Folkways are all essential listening. Dig in. Going to play you some prime jazz now, from one of the best Sonny Rollins albums around: Tenor Madness (´56). Here´s the title track, with none other than John Coltrane sitting in. A blowing session to blow your mind.

Lightnin´ Hopkins - Happy New Year MP3
Sonny Rollins Quartet - Tenor Madness MP3

Anyone remember the Band Of Outsiders? Probably not, as these mid-eighties New Yorkers never made much of an impact anywhere. But as the beautiful Dutch Girl Concern shows, they could have been contenders. I´ve got their No Reflection compilation, well worth it if you can find it somewhere. Makes you wonder: where are they now? Write in, you guys. Meanwhile, we continue with the rootsy nyabinghi sounds of legendary Jamaican percussionist Bongo Herman. Which makes for a wickedly relaxed rasta instrumental.

Band Of Outsiders - Dutch Girl Concern MP3
Bongo Herman & Eric ´Bingy Bunny´ Lamont - African Breakfast MP3

"But you´re so high..." Way before Tina and super stardom, Ike Turner was a pioneering bandleader who paved the way for rock ´n´ roll with his tireless Kings Of Rhythm. One of the funniest early fifties projects he had a hand in was the fun novelty stomper I Ain´t Drunk by one Lonnie ´The Cat´. All together now people: "I ain´t drunk... I´m just drinking..." And we´ve come to the end of this Wild Weekend already with a psychedelic folk trip by Moonkyte. Groovy sitars drone way out! Find it on an remarkable compilation called Shifting Sands: 20 Treasures From The Heyday of Underground Folk.

Lonnie ´The Cat´ - I Ain´t Drunk MP3
Moonkyte - Way Out Hermit MP3


Holly said...

Happy New Year!

Ramone666 said...

Igualmente, Holly. Gonna rip it up.

marc jeffrey said...

Band of Outsiders @ P&G Bar: 380 Columbus Ave NYC. Sat Jan 22, 2011. 11pm –1am.

Ramone666 said...

No kidding... that answers my ´where are they now question´ I guess. Cool stuff. Thanks Marc.