Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wild Weekend Vol. 47

Sunday already? High time for Wild Weekend #47. In which we discover the amazing Uke Of Phillips, hear Dagmar Krause swoon beneath an Acnalbasac Noom, while Phil Ochs pays homage to a legend of the silver screen. Have a wild one.

You´d probably expect different by looking at the song´s title only, but closer listening reveals that Ada Richards doesn´t need no drink nor toke at all. No sir, Ada´s drunk and real high in the spirit of the Lord... The result? A wild wild gospel soul song. Find it on Good God: Born Again Funk, a groovy compilation on the Numero Group label, and repent forthwith. We move on with an act I heard about via the inspiring Big Rock Candy Mountain blog: Uke Of Phillips. Lo-fi folk with a fiddle and a mind of its own. Can´t stop whistling along. If you dig it as much as I do, you can order all kinds of Uke stuff at their Turned Word records. I just did.

Ada Richards - I´m Drunk And Real High MP3
Uke Of Phillips - History Lightning Bug MP3

A couple of Wild Weekends ago we played you a fine duet between Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Krause from their Babble album, and now it´s time for Hamburg born Krause´s first band, seventies artrockers Slapp Happy. "He lurks behind his paper in the shadow of a mosque..." Jazzy vibe or what? Next stop: Zambia. Which is said to have had a flowering psych rock scene in the early seventies, when bands like Witch and Amanaz ruled the roost. The latter goes far out here, with a fuzz-laden lament that somehow reminds me more of Japrock than of something recorded on the African continent.

Slapp Happy - Casablanca Moon MP3
Amanaz - Making The Scene MP3

Last week´s edition already featured a track from the Shifting Sands: 20 Treasures From The Heyday of Underground Folk compilation, but because I like it so much, here´s one more. I´ve seen Mark Fry described as a second rate Donovan, but the pastoral Song For Wilde proves there´s definitely much more to the man. And we´ll go out with another folkie: the one and only Phil Ochs, who subtitled his Greatest Hits album from 1970 - which wasn´t really a greatest hits album at all of course - ´50 Phil Ochs Fans Can't Be Wrong´. Listen to his heartfelt and heartbreaking ode to James Dean and you just may become number 51.

Mark Fry - Song For Wilde MP3
Phil Ochs - Jim Dean Of Indiana MP3

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