Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 35

It´s Wild Weekend #35, which means another delicious cocktail of cool tunes from all around the globe. Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Persia by way of the Motor City, Jerez de la Frontera... Just have another wild one. I know I will.

After the demise of Northern Ireland´s finest punkpoppers the Undertones, most of their personnel ended up in a fine band called That Petrol Emotion. One Steve Mack, an American who worked in a London pizza parlour at the time, was drafted as a singer. The triumphant Big Decision was arguably their finest hour. All together now: "You rather sail the ocean, than make a big decision..." Meanwhile on the Island, Pete Weston sees misery all around and urges his rasta brethren to move out of Babylon pronto. Revolution´s not the answer, leave that to those guys in faraway China... Find it on Every Mouth Must Be Fed, another fascinating compilation from the Pressure Sounds label.

That Petrol Emotion - Big Decision MP3
Pete Weston and the Flames - Revolution Is For The Chinaman MP3

Obscure protopunk anyone? Good. Don´t know much about the Up to be honest, just that they recorded this prime piece of Detroit rifferama way back in ´72. And in case you were wondering: Hassan I Sabbah was a Persian missionary who founded the mythical Hashshashin movement sometime in the 11th century. Next up: former Dream Syndicate leader Steve Wynn. Nice to see he´s still at it. Nearly thirty years after he came on the scene with that beauty called The Days Of Wine And Roses, the remarkably Screaming Trees-like Resolution proves he hasn´t lost his touch just yet. From a soon to be released album called Northern Agression.

The Up - Hassan I Sabbah MP3
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Resolution MP3

And now it´s time for some flamenco puro. Santiago Donday is a veteran vocalist from Cadiz who debuted very late in life when master guitarist Paco Cepero finally managed to drag him into a recording studio. Expect a truckload of duende here, amigos. And we´ve come to the end of another Wild Weekend with the finest Prince song I know: the playful Ballad Of Dorothy Parker. "I took another bubble bath, with my pants on..." Dishwater blonde waitresses sure brought out the best in the ´skinny motherfucka with the high voice´. Sounds like a real man to me...

Santiago Donday con Paco Cepero - Malagueña De El Mellizo MP3
Prince - The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker MP3


Holly said...

Huh! Very unexpectedly, I was totally drawn into Santiago Donday - thank you very much for the introduction!

Ramone666 said...

My pleasure. That whole album (calld Morrongo) is nothing short of amazing and a great listen on lazy sunday afternoons.

Holly said...

I have already acquired said album - lovely! :-)

Ramone666 said...

That´s the spirit.

frankenslade said...

Babble's always a pleasure to pull out and spin!