Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 38

Ready for the 38th installment of Wild Weekend? Thought so. And it´s a wild bunch again this week, featuring Japrock and Dylan, reggae inna loversrock style and the blues, old Ohio punk and new Salford trash. Just take your pick and don´t forget to have a wild one.

For a furious blast-off, we turn to a seventies Japrock powertrio called Gedo. Their nihilistic hi-energy rocker Kusatta Inochi, better known in the West as Rotten Life, will surely bring out the inner biker in you. Let it roar. And as I´m digging Dylan´s new Bootleg Series installment so much, we continue with a beauty from said collection. The whimsical All Over You is one of those Witmark Demos to treasure. "Well, you cut me like a jigsaw puzzle, you made me to a walkin´ wreck, when you pushed my heart through my backbone, and you knocked off my head from my neck..."

Gedo - Kusatta Inochi (Rotten Life) MP3
Bob Dylan - All Over You MP3

Pink Anderson was one of the two relatively obscure bluesmen who gave Pink Floyd their name (the other being Floyd Council). I can never get enough of his delightful He´s In The Jailhouse Now. "But when I went to pay that man, I found that lady's hand in my pocket, where my money was... that settled it..." Graveyard bound, that lady. Next we meet the Black Knights, who hail from Salford near Manchester, home of legendary poet John Cooper Clarke, the Dylan of punk. And their ´voodoo trash blues´ goes down a treat, too. Check out them spooky vocals and fuzz guitars, muchachos. Out now.

Pink Anderson - He´s In The Jailhouse Now MP3
The Black Knights - Saturday Night Succubi MP3

One of my fave early punkbands from the States are the Pagans from Ohio. No matter how rough and ramshackle their sound, there´s always a catchy chorus to pull you right in. Let yourself be seduced by the incendiary power of I Juvenile and buy their complementary compilations on the Crypt label (Shit Street and The Pink Album) forthwith. And we´ll conclude this edition of Wild Weekend with a loving tribute to Jamaican nightingale Gregory Isaacs, who sadly passed away last week. The Cool Ruler is no more, and that sucks. Now who's gonna make me feel the way he used to do?

The Pagans - I Juvenile MP3
Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue MP3

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John Cooper Clark will be performing on Crossing Border in november!