Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 36

It´s gonna be a Wild Weekend, take 36. Eclectic mixes a specialty. From gospel to afro, from Togo to Mexico. Plus: a brand new Dylan live track from the days of old. Take it away, guys.

We´ll start off with the legendary Sam Cooke leading the Soul Stirrers, if only because the gospel according to Sam is always a joy to behold. Yes Sir! Next up: a charming cover of the Pete Townshend-penned I´m Free. Comes from an obscure ep from 1980 by Britgirls the Petticoats, their sole output as far as I know. Warning: more ramshackle than the Raincoats even. Which is cool of course.

The Soul Stirrers - The Last Mile Of The Way MP3
The Petticoats - I´m Free MP3

Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio was performed by such greats as the Texas Tornadoes and Los Lobos, but even they never managed to surpass the original by Mexican accordeon wizard Don Santiago Jiménez Sr. Guaranteed to make you smile. "Hay momentos que pareces el demonio, cuando mueves la cintura para bailar..." Run for the hills Santi, that dance-crazy she-devil will only bring you harm... Which is followed by a sensual duet between Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, from their recent collaboration called Hawk. A marriage made in heaven, I´d say. Check it out.

Don Santiago Jiménez Sr. - Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio MP3
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Come Undone MP3

Like some steaming afrobeat, Togo style? Ok, here goes. Napo De Mi Amor Et Ses Black Devils surely invented one of the finest bandnames ever, and their wild sounds are right on par. Bonus points for that funky organ, messieurs. Find it on the much recommended collection African Scream Contest, filled to the brim with raw psychedelic afro sounds from Benin and Togo. And last but not least, here´s some stop press material for ya. If you were smart enough to pre-order The Witmark Demos, the new volume in Dylan´s ongoing Bootleg Series project, you got a free disc containing a never even bootlegged before registration of a ´63 gig at Brandeis University. Received my copy yesterday, which made me a happy camper indeed. As a taster, here´s a particularly bleak take on ye olde Ballad Of Hollis Brown.

Napo De Mi Amor Et Ses Black Devils - Leki Santchi MP3
Bob Dylan - Ballad Of Hollis Brown (live Brandeis University ´63) MP3


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Gostei tu blog.

Anonymous said...

The Wild Weekends are always great, but this one is just fantastic! Thanks!!!

Paul said...

Thanks! I just placed my pre-order purchase. Looking forward to hearing the rest.