Tuesday, February 16, 2010

With A Bite

High time we showcased some recent stuff here again. Been awhile... Let´s see what you make of Kasey Anderson, Glossary and Jinx & The Back Alley Cats.

If you´re into Steve Earle and Tom Russell, the songs of Kasey Anderson may be right up your alley. His new album Nowhere Nights features fine songwriting in a rootsy, no-frills musical scope. Which is exactly what you´re gonna get when you hire Eric ´Roscoe´ Ambel for production duties, as Ambel was playing Americana long before it became a household genre. A sureshot highlight is I Was A Photograph (Blake´s Song), a moving ballad with fine harp playing about a casualty of the Iraq war. Based on a true story, which you can find here.

Kasey Anderson - Sooner/Later MP3
Kasey Anderson - I Was A Photograph (Blake´s Song) MP3

If twangy roots rock with a bite and a bit of pedal steel on the side is your thing, be sure to check out Glossary´s new offering Feral Fire. Fans of the Drive-By Truckers, Grave Dancers Union-era Soul Asylum or even Tom Petty´s Heartbreakers really should prick up their ears here.

Glossary - Your Heart To Haunt MP3
Glossary - Bend With The Breeze MP3

Which brings us to Jinx & The Back Alley Cats, who are definitely the trashiest of today´s bunch. And that´s no problem at all of course. This young four-piece from Indiana probably listens to Johnny Cash and Jon Spencer. Hell, they even use a theremin and a singing saw on their promising debut Fish As Friends... Check out their MySpace page to order a copy why don´t you.

Jinx & The Back Alley Cats - Twin Bed MP3
Jinx & The Back Alley Cats - Machine Wing MP3


moondingo said...

great selection, thanx! ;)*

LD said...

Damn. "Twin Bed" sounds like an outtake from Sonic Youth's Goo album and "Machine Wing" sounds like Gun Club. Impressive.