Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wild Weekend Vol. 7

Wild Weekend is here again, featuring the iPod as the rebellious jukebox of modern times. The shuffle mode decides which sixpack of songs you´re gonna get. Variety´s the name of the game. Check it out, y´all.

First we go back to 1958, with a rockabilly scorcher by Sammy Gowans. Sammy finds himself rockin´ all alone, "wigglin´ like a wigglin´ dove", until he finds somebody new... Some really wild guitar work here. Want more? Get Cat Talk, a dynamite compilation of obscure sides from the great Imperial label. Fast forward now to 1991, and the triphop gospel according to Massive Attack. One Love stems from the still stunning Blue Lines album and features Jamaican nightingale Horace Andy on vocals. A classic.

Sammy Gowans - Rockin´ By Myself MP3
Massive Attack - One Love MP3

"That token draw on your cigarette, that well-known face in the fire..." That´s Peter Hammill, one of the few prog rockers I can stand. For a good overview of his post Van Der Graaf Generator work, the Love Songs compilation is a wonderful place to start. Next up: Monk. Need I say more? There were many amazing piano players in jazz, but no one is as special in my book as the man called Thelonious. Here he´s doing his thing alone in San Francisco. Do I hear jaws drop? Good.

Peter Hammill - Ophelia MP3
Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk MP3

The Deal sisters travel a country road in this melancholy Breeders gem from Last Splash. Carrie Bradley shines on fiddle. Drivin´ On 9 is a cover of ultra-obscure Youngstown, Ohio band Ed's Redeeming Qualities. I´ve never heard the original, so if anyone can help out I´d be much obliged. And as a grand finale, here´s the black & white pride of Coventry. I read somewhere that the Specials are touring again at the moment, but I´m glad I caught the 2 Tone experience back when Jerry Dammers & co. were still in their prime. Those where the days, rude boys and girls.

The Breeders - Drivin´ On 9 MP3
The Specials - Blank Expression MP3


moondingo said...

thanx once again Ramone! ;)*

have yourself a good w/end!

ib said...

I've never heard Sammy Gowans.

And. Dwarfed as it was, by "Unfinished Sympathy", I had almost forgotten what a great song "One Love" is; never realised Horace Andy provided vocals on it, either...

Nice songs, Ramone666.

"Drivin' on 9" and "Blank Expression", too. Wish the Specials had never dropped the "AKA" from the name. Great album though.

LD said...

"The rebellious jukebox of modern times." I like that. Great mix, great commentary. And how can you not love Monk jumpin a trolley???