Thursday, February 25, 2010

In The Soup

"There's a mushroom on my eyelid,
There's a carrot down my back,
I can see in the distance,
A vast quantity of beans..."

Here´s one of the funniest songs Robert Wyatt ever wrote. Sung from the unique perspective of a... slice of bacon. And that slice just doesn´t understand why the hell it has to end up in the soup. After all, there was a time when crispy crunchy bacon sandwiches were everyone´s favourite snack, right guv? Musically reminiscent of Wyatt´s former band The Soft Machine, with Nisar Ahmad Khan and Gary Windo shining on baritone and tenor sax respectively.

"So I may as well resign myself,
Make friends with a few peas,
But I just, I can't help hoping,
That a tummy ache will bring you to your knees,
Bring you to your knees..."

Robert Wyatt - Soup Song MP3


Nicolas said...

Great song indeed. I can't help seeing in those lyrics the analogy between the slice of bacon and Wyatt's own helpless body after his accident (that happened 2 or 3 years prior to the making of the album).
That would be a great exemple of self-derision

Ramone666 said...

Sharp observation. I never looked at it that way to be honest. Can´t imagine you´re right, but then again...