Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tungg revisited

Tungg has been my favourite British band ever since their debut Mother´s Daughter And Other Songs came out and hit me like lightning. File under electro-folk, which basically means a combination of gorgeous melodies, crispy acoustic guitars and a refreshing layer of electronic beats and samples to keep things interesting. Follow-up Comments Of The Inner Chorus proved just as good.

A couple of posts earlier I confessed I wasn´t really sure yet what I thought of their new album, Good Arrows. Well, I gave it some more spins and came to the conclusion that it´s actually quite good. I still don´t rate it as high as their predecessors though, probably because there´s a little less electronic weirdness to be found here. Interested? Be sure to buy the limited edition of Good Arrows if you can still find it, as it´s got two bonus tracks.

Tungg - Cans MP3

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