Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nearly dinner time...

To get you in the mood for your X-mas dinner, here are two songs about food by the incomparable wild man of rhythm & blues Andre Williams. Cramps-singer Lux Interior once remarked that ´Andre Williams makes Little Richard sound like Pat Boone´, so go figure. Also known as Mr. Rhythm, he recorded tons of great songs for the Fortune label in the fifties. Williams later worked for Motown, produced songs for Stevie Wonder and Ike and Tina Turner amongs others, but his party persona slowly but surely got the best of him. He managed to pick himself up from skid row however and soon found himself championed by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and their cronies. Now at the respectable age of 72, he´s still gigging and recording. Have mercy!

Andre Williams - Bacon Fat MP3
Andre Williams - The Greasy Chicken MP3

PS Just got back from Camp Nou. Not in the mood to review el clásico right now. We sucked, we lost, and that´s it.

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