Saturday, December 15, 2007

Faves of the year

I guess my first post for this blog should be about my faves of the year right? Well, that´s not a very long list I´m afraid. I only liked a handful of albums that came out this year. Bonnie Prince Billy´s new covers collection Ask Forgiveness is as good as it gets. Not funny-as-hell as in last years Tortoise collaboration; this is beautiful sparse acoustic stuff. I guess the Mekons cover The Way I Am is a good example. 

Bonnie Prince Billy - The Way I Am MP3 

Yellow House by Grizzly Bear is an album that grows on you. A bit anarchic on first listens, but the more you play it the more you discover the songs underneath. 

 Grizzly Bear - Knife MP3 

Blitzen Trapper surprised me with their Field Rexx album last year, and the new Wild Mountain Nation is just as good. Eclectic? You bet. Lo-fi? Sure. And very very refreshing. Be sure to check out this outtake from the album. 

Blitzen Trapper - Cool Love #1 MP3 

Bubbling under is Tunng, as I haven´t listened to their 3rd record that much yet, but on first spins it didn´t grab me as much as their earlier outings. More on them in a later post I guess. Most promising band must be Vampire Weekend: hardly a day went by that I didn´t give their their debut ep a spin.  A full length is expected for early ´08, so we´ll get back to them shortly.


Paul said...


Thanks for the link! Good luck on your new venture. I'm looking forward to hearing your favorites. Love the name.


Reverend Doctor William Grace said...

Nice blog. Any fan of Townes is OK with us. Had the pleasure of seeing him a few times. So, are you based in Barcelona ?

Happy New Year

The Reverend Doctor William Grace a.k.a Simon & Richard