Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Early Morning

Younger than that now? Somewhat surprisingly, Scottish alt-folky Alasdair Roberts revisits the work of his first band Appendix Out on his new album The Songs Of My Boyhood. Which gives us the opportunity to compare the old with the new, and that's great fun indeed.

Alasdair Roberts - Frozen Blight
Appendix Out - Frozen Blight

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The Swede said...

I tuned into an Alasdair Roberts livestream in the early days of lockdown and was gobsmacked and delighted to witness an entire setlist devoted to Appendix Out songs, as he's performed them only sparingly in the many times I've seen him in concert over the years. Little did I know at the time that he was preempting this digital flick through his back pages. The Songs Of My Boyhood is a really wonderful collection, which I hope Alasdair will consider giving a physical release in the fullness of time.