Monday, November 4, 2019

Reveal Everything

Simon Joyner, the amiable singer/songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska, has been building an impressive oeuvre since starting out in 1992. After all these years he's still a cult artist though, and maybe that's the reason he looks rather sad on the sleeve of his most recent album Pocket Moon. Whatever the case, it's yet another impeccable collection of intriguing songs to get lost in, both the missus and I agree... Lend him your ear, all of you, and go see him live if you can, as he's on tour in Europe as we speak.

Simon Joyner - Morning Sun, Slow Down

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Apothecary said...

Had a couple of his CDs a few years back but let 'em go. Burned the track I Will Find You off The Lousy Dance alb but must've thought I could live without the others, which I obviously have done without undue angst haha. Still, the track you posted is appealing so I'll look to pick that alb up and reappraise him 2019 style. Thanks for posting