Friday, November 8, 2019

Full Of Fire

So this is the epitaph for his late son Arthur, and not predecessor Skeleton Tree as everybody assumed at the time. Atmospheric and solemn but not too bleak soundscapes by Warren Ellis set the tone, with St. Nick crooning like he's Leonard Cohen's long lost offspring. Very impressive, at times almost suffocatingly so, though there is a glimmer of light to be found here and there, too. The keywords are horses, ghosts, and Jesus, and you can make of that what you will. "And the little white shape dancing at the end of the hall is just a wish that time can't dissolve at all..."

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Bright Horses

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The Swede said...

A brilliant album, but an overwhelmingly emotional listen. I've not been able to revisit it yet to be honest.