Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Back To Frisco

Still got a craving for that early American punk sound? In that case, head over to the esteemed Jonderblog and help yourselves to a fine fine compilation of '76-'78 Bay Area groups. Their neighbours in LA had the zines, the labels, the venues and a sympathetic radio station and got more exposure that way, but San Francisco's scene sure was vital in its own right.

The Avengers - I Believe In Me
The Offs - Zero Degrees


jonder said...

Very kind words, and thanks for adding my blog to your list! Let me know if you need any more of the Offs, because I've got the handle.

Ramone666 said...

You've been on my bloglist for a long time already. Will look if there's more Offs I need, as I like these tracks a lot.

jonder said...

It's about time I properly thanked you, then!