Friday, May 12, 2017

Just A Seeker

Let's stay in Louisville a while longer to visit  Will 'Bonnie Prince Billy' Oldham, who has just cooked up a fresh batch of Merle Haggard covers. No surprise there, as he regards the late country legend as one of his 'forever heroes'. Sadly, for the second time in a row here's a Bonnie Billy album that doesn't really do it for me. It's not bad mind, and the arrangements - with saxes and flutes no less - are quite adventurous, but in the end it just made me want to give my trusted Hag records another spin.

Bonnie Prince Billy - I Am What I Am


The Swede said...

Conversely, I'm loving the album. 'I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall' in particular is tremendous.

Hollander said...

Seems like this guy releases a new album every week. One of the most overrated artists ever. I don't mean to sound like Trump going after Colbert, but seriously.

Unknown said...

I saw Will a few weeks ago perform in Sonoma. He played quite a few songs from this release, BUT none of them in entirety. All other songs from his catalog back to Palace, including to The Letting Go and the Everley bros tribute, he played in full. Makes me wonder about his personal attachment and commitment to this album